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Integrative Coaching
  Tap into the wisdom of
Heart, Mind and Soul

“My guided work supports you to know and experience the place within — where love exists and all is flowing with harmony.”

The session taps into the hearts intelligence and creates space for awakening the essence of who you truly are. I listen deeply as you share your emotions and evolutionary challenges, and guide you to release stored emotional energy and limiting beliefs which have kept you from accessing your true self.

Whether it is letting go of an old relationship, family pattern, or emotional stress; this model holds the key to activate your potential.

Coaching Sessions are
75 minutes for $95

Integrative Coaching Benefits:

•   Restores creativity and enhances personal life force energy
•   Opens you to new possibilities, choices, and solutions
•   Shifts blocked emotions and energy patterns
•   Reduces long term stress
•   Fosters a sense of inner peace and contentment
•   Offers you empowering tools and continued support
•   Create a healthy flow of strength and vitality

Sollena K. Morginn is a certified Empowerment Life Coach and RYSE™ Practitioner who loves to inspire deep change within the hearts and souls of women who are ready to thrive.

Let’s connect:

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How to pay for your sessions:

• Cash
• PayPal (click the Donate button)
• Credit Cards through PayPal
• Debit Cards through PayPal
• Personal checks received at time of the session

Your contribution is $95 per session.



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