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What if you could transform your life by being able to connect to your inner knowing and trust yourself to choose the pathway of greater possibilities?

An Intuitive Consultation with Sollena offers you a synthesis of intuition, mysticism, guidance and energy healing that weaves love, insightful wisdom, and understanding for the journey ahead. Together we will find new pathways of possibilities to help you release the old, and bring in new expansive energies.

Book a Session with Sollena and receive intuitive insights for life transitions, career changes, cut cords from past relationships, release family soul contracts, and create new soul path strategies. Sometimes there is a message from a loved one who has passed, but this is not the focus of the session.

15-Minute: $40

30-Minute: $70

Intuitive Consultations provide:

•   Intuitive guidance for career challenges and life transitions
•   Clarity to create new possibilities
•   Focused awareness for the journey that is ahead
•   Insight to what has been holding you back
•   Creative solutions for your well-being
•   Guidance, direction, and tools for transformation

Let’s connect:

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How to pay for your sessions:

• Cash
• PayPal (click the Donate button)
• Credit Cards through PayPal
• Debit Cards through PayPal
• Personal checks received at time of the session

Your contribution is $40 for a 15-minute session or $70 for a 30-minute session.



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