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Whether you are looking for a unique healing meditative practice or would like to become a professional Reiki Practitioner (Certification 1, Certification 2), Master or Teacher, these courses are for you.

Sollena has over two decades of intensive education and training in the field of energy medicine and became a Usui Reiki Master in 1996. The Heart Source Reiki Immersion Training is a one-of-a-kind certification program.

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What’s involved?

Heart Source Reiki Certification training provides all the skills you require to direct self-healing energy for yourself and others. Reiki is taught in a three level format with each level building upon the previous one.

Heart Source
Reiki 1 Certification

Awaken to the Power Within
he first level of training provides you with an empowering techniques for self-care and improving well-being. It’s also great for wellness professionals to have Reiki in their tool-kit as a complementary holistic service for clients.
Dates — Pick your day
for the 7 hours of training:

• Saturday Nov 14, 10am—5:30pm
 Reiki Sanctuary, Savoy
• Saturday Dec 12, 10am—5:30pm
 Reiki Sanctuary, Savoy

Register early for $115.
Repeat students only $75!

How to pay.

Heart Source
Reiki 2 Certification

Activate the Power Within
The second level of Reiki activates three powerful ancient healing symbols that powers-up Reiki healing for people and pets. Learn distance healing, how to create a Crystalline Reiki Grid, and how to begin a professional Reiki practice. Reiki sessions can be easily incorporated with other types of healing modalities.

Dates — Pick your weekend
for the 14 hours of training:

• Sat & Sun, Nov 21 & 22,
 Healing Sanctuary, Savoy
• Sat & Sun, Dec 5 & 6,
 Healing Sanctuary, Savoy

Sign-up early for $225.
Repeat students only $160!

How to pay.

Heart Source
Reiki Master Training

mmersion training is for those individuals who wish to become skilled working with life force energy, clearing emotional patterns and create a safe container for clients. This training will bring your skills to a whole new level. Professional communication with clients and how to set up and incorporate a thriving Reiki business is all part of this week long training.
$350 — Early Signup" $299.
17 hours of training.
How to pay.

Heart Source
Reiki Master Teacher Mentorship Program
Available for individuals passionate about facilitating Reiki for students, and who wish to become a professional Heart Source Reiki Master facilitator. This apprenticeship helps you develop and incorporate your own unique style and curriculum.
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Who will benefit from this training?

Sollena specializes in facilitating those who wish to become knowledgeable in the healing arts, for professional Reiki practitioners and other wellness professionals who are passionate about creating body-mind-wellness for themselves and others.
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How to pay:

• Cash
• PayPal (click the Donate button)
• Credit cards through PayPal
• Debit cards through PayPal
• Personal checks

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