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RYSE™ is a revolutionary energy clearing system that releases long held emotions, limiting core beliefs and trauma. RYSE has its roots in the Polarity Health Model and aligns you to a whole new state-of-being.

Personal healing sessions focus on clearing and repairing the living energy system; including all seven Chakras and the Aura, along with other disharmonious patterns of energy that no longer sustain flow in your life.

Whether it is letting go of an old relationship, family pattern, or emotional stress; this model holds the key to activate your potential.

90-Minute RYSE Session is $110

Energy Session Benefits:

•   Transform dysfunctional energy cords with people, places, or things
•   Release the charge of emotions from traumatic events
•   Re-frame and heal life conflicts, past and present
•   Shift limiting beliefs patterns
•   Heightens self-awareness
•   Increases intuition and clarity
•   Restores your sense of well-being

Let’s connect:

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How to pay for your sessions:

• Cash
• PayPal (click the Donate button)
• Credit Cards through PayPal
• Debit Cards through PayPal
• Personal checks received at time of the session

Your contribution is $110 per session.



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