Enlightened Insights
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Energy Empowerment Services
. Private Reiki Sessions
Create body-mind coherence and ignite your own natural self-healing abilities.
. Reiki Classes
Learn Reiki in Champaign-Urbana. Become a Reiki Master.
. RYSE Distance Energy Healing
Creating Clarity and
Limitless Potential
RYSE™ Sessions are dynamic energy clearings that release long-held energy patterns, limiting core beliefs, and emotional trauma.
. Heart Source Integrative Life Coaching™
Ignite Your Vision
The heart-centered conscious approach gives you a map to create abundant possibilities for your life or holistic business.
. Intuitive Consultations
Together we’ll discover new pathways of potential that provide insight, clarity, and guidance for the path that lay ahead. Read more ...


What clients are saying ...    

Kazzrie“I love working with Sollena! Just being in her presence lifts my spirits. It’s like she sees my light clearly and helps me to see it for myself. And then she is able to zero right in on issues blocking me from living up to my highest potential and goes in and clears them. I always feel so much brighter after a session with her. I’m so grateful she crossed my path. I knew the moment we connected that Sollena would have an impact on my life and being. She has and so it is. Thank you Sollena!!!”
— Kazzrie, Access More Joy, Canada

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